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BodyStack will encourage and guide you, sharing all the insights you need to embrace the change and start taking your health into your own hands.


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From supplements to sleep. Air purifiers to acupuncture. Workouts to wellness. BodyStack gives you recommendations and a clear action plan of the products, people and practices that will help you live a longer life.


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What’s a longer life without a little joy? BodyStack’s approach is about fitting in with you, to make sure longevity doesn’t mean misery. We connect you with other people who are on the journey too so you can share experiences and spur each other on.


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The unique individual combination of routines and products that a person uses to live their longest, healthiest life.

Your head is spinning...
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Be a Founding Member

You just took a short break to check your phone. In the 10 minutes on IG, you came across 13 different diet recommendations from various biohacking experts, gurus, and doctors that you follow.

The one about water fasting was great, but you realize it’s 9 months old and that same biohacker just pushed a new reel today saying he stopped fasting because he was losing too much muscle mass.

That search you did a month ago about stomach ache remedies prompted 17 different digestive health supplement ads to hit your FB feed. Meanwhile,two reels told you to only eat meat for the rest of your life.

Seems like there’s only 1 new athletic greens competitor that launched today, down from three per day from last month.

You check your email and clear your inbox from the 20+ newsletters you receive on how to be healthy. Phew, it’s amazing you’re still alive despite not having any EMF protection. Knock, knock, it’s Peter Attia delivering an impossibly long and complex newsletter that you haven’t been able to fully comprehend since…ever.

You’ve settled into spending hundreds of dollars a month on different supplements that you’re not sure are really helping you. Doesn’t it feel great to line the pockets of all the ‘trusted’ influencers and ‘publishers’ who recommended them to you?

The confusion, the options, the contradictions… it has become overwhelming and counterproductive. You didn’t want to be a pawn in the old system, but now you’re a number in the new affiliate marketing commissions game.

I’m glad to tell you, there’s a better way.

BodyStack was built because I was that very person with the spinning head and the whirlwind feed. My colleagues and I decided this is too big of a problem to ignore. We wanted a solution that addressed it head on.

We still get served the FB and IG ads. We still love watching and following the big name biohackers. We come across new claims and methodologies, some outrageous and some legit. The difference now is, we’ve gotten good at making sense of it all.

It energizes us to come across new products, services, people, and research, so much so that we want to make everyone aware of it, to help the masses optimize health and longevity. Our aim is to deliver it to you so it’s understandable without a PhD.

In March 2024 we launched the Beta Phase of our company’s platform. There’s an annual fee to join (super discounted for our Beta members), to help support our product build and research.

With BodyStack, you can enjoy the benefits of saving time and money, gaining knowledge and expert insights, and discovering products and services that are the most meaningful to you. With BodyStack, you’ll feel better about your health and longevity optimization decisions.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out features to better allow you to connect and collaborate with other members of the community. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to collectively optimize their health will have a multiplying effect.
We’d love for you to become a member of our community so we can all become stronger together.
Life is short. Build your Best BodyStack.
Brian Leddy
CEO & Co-Founder, BodyStack Certified FDN-Practitioner (and still, admittedly, sometimes a guy with a spinning head)
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