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Staff Review: Soltec Sleep System is a three-part system for enhance sleep induction and deep ZZZ’s.
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As we age, we tend to get less and less delta or deep sleep — an essential component of quality slumber. The Soltec Health System provides a solution to the problem of delta sleep loss by curating a personalized environment tailored to your body's real-time needs with a three-part system based on 30 years of research:

  • Z Gen: A magnetic conditioner that provides the main benefits of improved sleep and reduced stress. 
  • Z Track: A wearable that monitors your sleep throughout the night and communicates with Z Gen when a frequency adjustment is required. It also measures your stress level during daytime relaxation sessions and communicates with Z Gen accordingly. 
  • Soltec Z App: The companion app receives and displays the data from Z Track. The data is stored in a cloud-based database, which personalizes Z Gen's stimuli to provide better results for you and get you the quality rest and relaxation you deserve. 


  • Customized sleep environment 
  • Non-invasive, easy-to-use, three part system 
  • Research-backed


  • Very pricey
  • Brand new 
  • Not many third party reviews

Let's break it down…

Z Gen delivers safe, low-strength magnetic frequencies. These personalized frequency ranges shape your sleep environment to enhance your sleep stages and ultimately deliver better, deeper rest. 

Z Track — the wearable, is worn on the wrist and communicates to Z Gen what kind of magnetic frequencies your body requires and when. 

Soltec Z stores all your data, so you can dive into the details of your sleep hygiene and see how your own natural sleep cycles are supported and enhanced with the continued use of the Soltec Sleep System.

Soltec health gadget system for better sleep
Source: Soltec Health

Product Specs:

  • In The Box: The Soltec Health System includes Z Track (wrist wearable), Z Gen (magnetic conditioner), Z Gen power cable and adapter, and the Z Track charging cord. 
  • Dimensions: The Z Gen magnetic conditioner measures 7.5- high x 19- wide x 6-inches deep. The Z Track wrist wearable can be worn on either wrist and is adjustable according to wrist size.  
  • Weight: Z Gen is lightweight and easy to move around your bedroom. Z Track has a silicone, adjustable band for a comfy, all-night, fit. 

What We Like About the Soltec Sleep System:

  • Customized Sleep Environment: Z Gen delivers magnetic frequencies tailored to your current sleep stage to encourage more time spent in delta or deep sleep. By getting more delta (deep sleep), users will feel well rested upon waking, experience more energy throughout the day, and less stress. 
  • Easy-to-Use: The Soltec Sleep System has three main parts: Z Gen (magnetic conditioner), Z Track (wearable analyst), and Soltec Z (companion app). All you have to do is put Z Track on and press start on Z Gen, and you're on your way to deeper sleep and reduced stress. 
  • Research-Backed: Developed based on 30 years of sleep research and live studies, the Soltec Sleep System offers scientifically validated techniques to improve sleep quality and net you deeper rest. 

What Might Deter You From the Soltec Sleep System:

  • Very Pricey: The Soltec Sleep System comes with a hefty price tag of $1,999, so it's bound to punch you with some serious sticker shock. However, you can get a $700 coupon if you opt into their Stress Survey, or want to participate in their Research Study. 
  • Brand New: As a relatively new product on the market, the Soltec Sleep System may still have some issues that need to be ironed out. Users should be aware that they may encounter some technical glitches.
  • Few Reviews: While Soltec provides user reviews and studies on their own platform, there is limited feedback available from independent sources outside of the company. Potential buyers may find it challenging to gauge the system's effectiveness or reliability without a larger pool of reviews from more diverse sources.

The Thought Behind The Product:

The Soltec Sleep System is designed to promote longer, delta or deep sleep. The more time you spend in the delta, deep sleep stage, the more rested you're going to feel when you're awake. This in-turn is going to give you more energy throughout the day and help you stress a whole lot less because you got the regenerative ZZZ's your body requires.

We all need quality rest to feel our best.

Since our nervous system evolved in the presence of Earth's magnetic field, it's no surprise that it's responsive to magnetic frequencies. The frequency ranges that produce delta, or slow wave sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep are within the range of frequencies produced by the Earth's magnetic field.

However, the Earth's ever-changing magnetic field is not in-sync with everyone's sleep stages — how rude (JK)! Since Z Track knows what stage of sleep you are in moment by moment, Z Gen can administer the correct real-time sleep stage enhancements.

Z Gen produces magnetic frequencies consistent with your changing sleep stages throughout the night.

When your data suggests that you are moving into a different sleep stage, Z Track tells Z Gen what's up and that you need a different frequency, enhancing your natural sleep stages. These personalized magnetic frequencies will help you fall asleep faster and stay in those high-quality deep sleep stages longer. You'll feel well rested and a lot less stressed — huzzah!  

A study conducted over four months with 67 participants has demonstrated improvements in deep sleep using the Soltec Sleep System.

According to Soltec, highly significant statistical results were achieved in non-REM quality, with 73% reporting positive responses to the Soltec Sleep System. A majority of 69% of subjects improved delta sleep and sleep time. Subjects with initial delta levels averaging 55 or fewer minutes demonstrated a 15% improvement. Those with normal delta sleep time only improved by 1.5%.

Soltec health set for peaceful sleep
Source: Soltec Health

The Bottom Line:

If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and constantly wake up feeling groggy and tired, Soltec Sleep System provides a solution. It is a pricey investment, but this system has proven itself to be an effective way of netting longer, deeper sleep which provides a myriad of health benefits throughout your day like more energy and less stress. Sleep right with Soltec. 

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