If you're in your 50s you NEED this posture stack

Dr. Steven Capobianco combines his recommendations in an easy to follow Stack.
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Brian Leddy
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Posture is important at any age, but once you're in your 50s, it becomes extra important for many reasons. From pain management to improving mood (yes, there's a correlation between bad posture and a bad mood) it's important to improve the position of your body as you age.

Dr. Steven Capobianco is a chiropractor and strength and conditioning coach who has decades of experience working with people to improve their form. He's created his recommendations for building a well-rounded posture stack for men and women over 50.

Steven capobianco teaching class with patient demo
Dr. Steven Capobianco demonstrating the application of kinesology tape on a patient.

The Older Athlete's Posture Stack

Think of this 'stack' as your toolkit for building a better postural foundation. It involves addressing various aspects of how your body interacts with the world:

  1. Awareness: The first step is understanding your own postural tendencies. Are your shoulders rounded forward? Does your lower back curve excessively? Take photos from the side and front to get an honest baseline.

  2. Mobility: If you've lost range of motion in certain joints, your body will compensate, creating misalignments. Incorporate targeted mobility work to restore flexibility in common problem areas like the hips, ankles, and upper back (thoracic spine).

  3. Strength Training: Build strength in the muscles that support good posture – think back muscles, core, and glutes. Exercises that challenge stability and engage multiple muscle groups are ideal (like planks, squats, rows).

  4. Mindful Movement: Pay attention to how you sit, stand, and move throughout your day. Catch yourself slumping in your chair or hinging at the waist, and actively reset your posture.

  5. Tools and Supportive Practices: Depending on your specific needs, things like posture correctors, ergonomic furniture for your workspace, and massage therapy can be helpful adjuncts.

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Don't Let Age Dictate Your Potential

Contrary to popular belief, aging doesn't have to mean inevitable decline in your athleticism. 

You may find a few tools as you browse our Stacks page that could help you in your posture pursuit, so be sure and take a look.

Investing in a strong, supportive posture gives you the power to continue doing what you love and challenging yourself physically well beyond your 50s. Remember, it's not about fighting against the years, but working with your body, giving it the support it needs for optimal function.

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