Rating System

At BodyStack we want to provide value for members in every way we can.

One way we can do this is by sifting through the many types of products that exist in health, fitness, and longevity and provide trusted reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Our team has identified over a 1000 health/wellness/biohacker/longevity related products across 20 categories. 

This is no small task. There’s almost an infinite amount of different types of supplements, workout gear, massage accessories, recovery devices…and more and more of these kinds of things popping up almost every day. 

To cover all these different products, on BodyStack you’ll find Staff Reviews and Community Reviews

BodyStack Staff Reviews

The BodyStack internal team has focused on creating reviews based around the core stacks you can use to round out your own BodyStack. 

Hopefully you’ll find the information in the reviews helpful. Some of our reviews can be quite in-depth, so maybe a quick glance at the ratings system (more on that below) will be enough for you to know whether you want to dig into the full article. 

These reviews are written by subject matter experts from the BodyStack team and are based on their knowledge, research, or testing of a product and their particular area of expertise.

BodyStack Community Reviews

Because there are so many different products out there, we tap into the knowledge of the BodyStack community to provide their firsthand experience based on the products they’re using every day. 

Any BodyStack member can post a review about a product they choose. Our internal team regularly audits the community reviews to determine their legitimacy.

Our community reviews are so important to guiding our overall review approach within BodyStack. 

When we notice a particular product getting a lot of attention and reviews, we will prioritize this for our own internal staff review. And if we notice community reviews are consistently different from our experience with a product (good or bad) we will revisit our staff review.

If the BodyStack community reviews indicate that a product or brand isn’t living up to their promises, we will adjust our rating. It’s important to us that our ratings reflect real experiences with brands and products. 

BodyStack Star Ratings Explained

Here’s how we rate the different products:

0/5 Does not work, no redeeming qualities, no one should buy or use this product.

1/5 This product is poor and is likely going to disappoint if you choose to purchase.

2/5 This product is below average so consider your use intent against our review before buying

3/5 This product is average compared to other offerings on the market.

4/5 This product is good and we feel comfortable recommending it.

5/5 Very rare to be assigned, this product is perfect in design, use, function, and value.

Recommend, verified, and unverified products on BodyStack

When you’re browsing our products page, you might notice badges indicated a product is either recommended, verified, or unverified. Below you’ll find a breakdown of what each of those classifications mean:


+ Recommended: The product has been vetted and tested by our staff and has received a positive rating.
+ Verified: 
Staff research has been conducted. Product claims and quality are credible. 
+ Unverified:
This product has caught our attention, but has yet to be researched by our staff. 

Why trust BodyStack reviews?

There are so many review sites, so why should you trust reviews you see on BodyStack?

There’s a thing called affiliate marketing. When you see a product on a site, if you click the link to buy it, that site makes a small commission at no cost to you. However, sometimes recommendations may skew a certain way based on what products a website believes they’ll be able to earn affiliate commision on.

At BodyStack we accept no affiliate commissions. 

Instead, when we find products we like and believe in, we reach out to the brand directly to make a deal on behalf of BodyStack members, we negotiate special pricing, then we pass all of the savings to BodyStack members.