This subscription service regularly tests your blood to provide health reports

Staff Review: Revolutionize your approach to health with comprehensive insights into your body's vitality and wellness.

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In the quest for optimal wellness, having access to accurate and personalized health information is invaluable. But let's be honest, are any of us getting testing done as often as we should?

With a Lifeforce Diagnostic and Lifeforce Membership you can regularly monitor and analyze more than 40 key biomarkers to make sure the efforts you're putting into your health plan are moving your body in the right direction. However, this membership costs a pretty penny.


  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Personalized health insights
  • Ongoing support and guidance


  • Serious monetary investment
  • Requires regular blood tests
  • Dependence on healthcare providers
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Source: Lifeforce

The Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership combines advanced diagnostic testing with personalized health coaching to provide individuals with a holistic approach to health optimization.

Through a series of comprehensive blood tests, including biomarker analysis and genetic testing, members gain valuable insights into various aspects of their health, ranging from nutritional deficiencies to genetic predispositions for certain conditions.

It also helps users connect with medical professionals to go over the insights and create action items that can make an impact on their health.

Purchasing a membership saves you $200 on the diagnostic testing.

The company has packaged two of their complementary products together to help you build out and monitor your health plan. Part one is the Lifeforce Diagnostic. This is an at-home blood test (you ship the results off to analyze in a lab) and it normally costs $549.

But if you buy it with the Lifeforce Membership (which is where you get on-going analysis of your blood tests tracking key biomarkers related to hormones, nutrient levels, organ function and more) you save $200. From that point forward, if you want to maintain these services, you'll be spending $129 per month, which may extend beyond the health and fitness budget for some.

It's a very individual decision, because if you're gonna be spending your money on anything, your health certainly deserves to take priority. But at that cost, is it feasible to add yet another monthly subscription to your bills?


  • Comprehensive blood tests
  • Biomarker analysis
  • Genetic testing
  • Personalized health coaching

What We Like About Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment: The Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership offers a thorough evaluation of an individual's health status, covering multiple aspects such as cardiovascular health, metabolic function, immune system function, and more. By examining a wide range of biomarkers and genetic factors, members gain a comprehensive understanding of their overall well-being.
  • Personalized Health Insights: One of the key advantages of this membership is the personalized nature of the health insights provided. Through detailed analysis of blood test results and genetic data, members receive tailored recommendations and action plans to address specific health concerns and optimize their wellness journey.
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance: In addition to the initial health assessment, members benefit from ongoing support and guidance from experienced health coaches. These professionals help individuals interpret their test results, implement lifestyle changes, and track progress towards their health goals, fostering a supportive environment for long-term success.

What Might Deter You From Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership

  • Initial Cost and ongoing costs: There is a significant investment needed to use the Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test and membership
  • Regular Blood Tests: Maintaining membership in the Lifeforce Diagnostic program entails undergoing regular blood tests to assess changes in health status over time. While these tests offer valuable insights, some individuals may find the process of blood collection inconvenient or uncomfortable.
  • Dependence on Healthcare Providers: To fully leverage the benefits of the Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership, members rely on the expertise of healthcare providers and health coaches. While this ensures personalized guidance and support, it also requires a level of trust and collaboration between the individual and their healthcare team.

The Thought Behind the Product

The Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership is rooted in the belief that proactive health management and personalized interventions are essential for optimizing well-being and longevity.

By combining cutting-edge diagnostic testing with individualized health coaching, this program empowers individuals to take control of their health journey. 

It also helps them make informed decisions that align with their unique needs and goals.

Reviewers have found that using Lifeforce has shown them insights they didn't receive from annual doctor visits. It gave them the ability to make changes to improve their health and live better lives.

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The key to the program is consistent diagnostic blood testing. Consistent diagnostic blood testing offers a multitude of benefits for individuals committed to maintaining their health and well-being:

Early Detection of Health Issues: Regular blood tests can detect potential health issues at an early stage, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. By monitoring key biomarkers and indicators, healthcare providers can identify signs of underlying conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and thyroid disorders before symptoms manifest, improving the chances of successful management and prevention of complications.

Personalized Health Monitoring: Diagnostic blood tests provide personalized insights into an individual's health status and physiological function. By tracking changes in blood chemistry, hormone levels, and nutrient levels over time, healthcare providers can tailor treatment plans and lifestyle recommendations to address specific health concerns and optimize overall well-being. This personalized approach enables individuals to take proactive steps towards achieving their health goals and maintaining optimal vitality.

Preventive Health Maintenance: Consistent blood testing forms an integral part of preventive healthcare, helping individuals identify risk factors and adopt preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. By monitoring cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other key markers, individuals can make informed decisions about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to mitigate risk factors associated with heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy: For individuals undergoing treatment for chronic conditions or managing existing health issues, regular blood testing allows for the evaluation of treatment efficacy and monitoring of progress over time. By assessing changes in biomarkers and disease markers in response to treatment, healthcare providers can adjust medication dosages, refine treatment strategies, and optimize therapeutic outcomes to ensure the best possible results for patients.

Promotion of Overall Wellness: Beyond the detection and management of specific health conditions, consistent diagnostic blood testing promotes overall wellness and vitality by providing individuals with actionable insights to support healthy lifestyle choices. By monitoring parameters such as vitamin and mineral levels, inflammatory markers, and metabolic function, individuals can identify areas for improvement and make targeted interventions to optimize their health and quality of life.

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Source: Lifeforce

As you can imagine, consistent diagnostic blood testing plays a crucial role in promoting early detection, personalized health monitoring, preventive care, treatment optimization, and overall wellness.

By empowering individuals with valuable insights into their health status and enabling proactive management of potential health risks, regular blood testing forms an essential cornerstone of proactive health maintenance and disease prevention strategies.

The Bottom Line

For individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to health optimization and personalized wellness guidance, the Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test Plus Membership offers a valuable solution. While the costs are high to start and maintain the program, the benefits are great.

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