This is why 40Hz may be the magic number in light therapy

Staff Review: The Beacon40 is a smart light that taps into the cognitive benefits of flickering light therapy.

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Wouldn't it be nice if improving health and wellness was as simple as turning on a light. Well, guess what?! It just might be! The Beacon40 is a standalone light therapy lamp which dials into the 40Hz frequency to provide a boost to your mood, focus, and sleep routine.

Product Specs:

  • Design: The Beacon40 Light features sleek tactile knobs for dialing in light settings. 
  • Light Spectrum: The flickering light emits a specific spectrum of light (40 Hz) that is designed to promote health and well-being.
  • Timer: The light comes with a timer function, making it easy to set the duration of your light therapy sessions.

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Source: Beacon40

What We Like About the Beacon40 Light:

  • Light Therapy: The Beacon40 Light uses light therapy to promote various health benefits, including improved mood, increased energy levels, and better sleep.
  • Customizable Settings: The light offers customizable settings, allowing you to adjust the intensity and duration of your light therapy sessions to suit your needs.
  • Compact Size: The Beacon40 Light is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and use in different rooms of your home.
  • Smart Home Compatible: You can connect and control your lights through your smartphone or tablet thanks to HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa integration.

What Might Deter You From the Beacon40 Light:

  • Price: The Beacon40 Light is priced higher than some other light therapy devices on the market, which may be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Difficult to measure benefits: Flickering light therapy is still an emerging treatment method and further study is still required to quantify how much of a positive impact on your health it may have.

The Thought Behind The Product:

In the world of light therapy the frequency of a light's wavelength is an important metric. There have been many scientific studies on light therapy, particularly related to seasonal affective disorder, and how exposure to light can do things like enhance mood and focus.

However, the criteria and measurement systems across studies vary greatly, so figuring out if light therapy could be helpful for you is something most people will have to test themselves.

The 40Hz frequency may have benefits for cognitive function by mimicking the brain's own gamma waves.

If you do go this route, the Beacon40 is a good starting place. This light gets its name from the 40Hz frequency, which is the part of the wavelength of light that may have cognitive benefits compared to other frequencies on the light spectrum.

The Beacon40 lamp mimics the brain's gamma wave frequency which helps different regions of the brain communicate and supports the brain's natural cleaning process to remove toxins.

Beason40 light for relaxation
Source: Beacon40

To use the light, you don't need to sit in front of it and stare directly at it. If there's a main area where you spend a large part of your day (example at your desk) you can pop up a single Beacon40 to passively receive the benefits of the flickering 40Hz light throughout the day.

On board the Beacon40 are a series of dials to tune in the color tone (ranging between cool, white, and warm) and intensity.

Turn on this light for an hour a day to passively experience the benefits of light therapy.

The light has a gentle flickering quality (sort of like a candle) and the recommendation is to use these lights at least an hour a day to start experiencing the benefits.

There are multiple models where the base Beacon40 is used to dial in the settings, and the surround (one extra light) or the lightscape (three extra lights) mimic the functions of the main base station.

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Source: Beacon40

The Bottom Line:

If you're ready to turn on light therapy as part of your wellness routine, the Beacon40 Light is a simple way to test the waters. It's a stylish and effective light therapy device that may help improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and promote better sleep.

With its customizable settings and compact size, the Beacon40 Light is a convenient and easy way to incorporate light therapy into your daily routine.

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