Snooze in peace, comfort, and total darkness with the Manta Pro sleep mask

Staff Review: This mask was designed to maintain comfort and darkness no matter what position you sleep in.

Manta pro sleeping mask
Source: Manta Sleep

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The Manta Pro Sleep Mask is a premium sleep mask designed to provide a superior sleeping experience whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or flop back and forth between multiple positions overnight. 


  • Comfort
  • Supports daytime napping


  • Expensive
  • One color option

Manta’s first sleep mask started as a Kickstarter project and now they have a large collection of mask options available including one that covers your ears for sound blocking and another that claims to be anti-aging.

Manta makes a variety of mask styles, but their PRO model may be their best.

The PRO Sleep Mask is their best known product for good reason. Because of its innovative design and high-quality materials, the Manta Pro Sleep Mask offers a comfortable and effective solution for achieving deep, restorative sleep.

Product Specs:

  • In The Box: The Manta PRO Sleep Mask comes with the mask itself, a set of modular eye covers for customization, and a convenient travel pouch for storage and transport.
  • Dimensions: The mask features an adjustable strap and modular eye covers, allowing for a customizable fit to your unique face shape and size.
  • Weight: The Manta PRO Sleep Mask is lightweight and breathable (it even has breathing slits in the cups of the eye covers) which makes it comfortable to wear.

Manta sleep mask for comfort
Source: Manta Sleep

What We Like About the Manta Pro Sleep Mask:

  • Comfort: The adjustable strap and modular eye covers allow for a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. There’s also a rubberized strip at the back of the mask which further helps the mask stay in position where the band contacts the back of your head.
  • Multiple sleep positions: The shape of the cups covering your eyes are tapered on the edges, allowing you to sleep on your side or stomach without the mask digging into your face.
  • Total blackout: Between the mask and the cup inserts, a very effective seal is created to block out light, even for midday naps.
  • Easy to clean: When it’s time to clean your mask, you can toss it into the included travel bag (which doubles as a laundry bag) and throw it in the washing machine.

Flexible manta sleep pro mask
Source: Manta Sleep

What Might Deter You From the Manta Pro Sleep Mask:

  • Cost: At $79 This is one of the most expensive sleep masks you will find (until you start looking at Manta’s sound blocking mask)
  • Fit: It’s pretty rare, and doesn’t support our experience, however a small number of people have said they’ve had light leaking through around the bridge of their nose.
  • Color: There’s only one color option, so if you don’t like the purple and orange look there’s no alternative unless you upgrade to the Sound Sleep Mask

The Thought Behind The Product:

Of course it’s easier to relax and fall asleep in complete darkness. Usually our sleep schedule is such that our bodies start producing melatonin in the evening to help us drift off to bed.

But for those afternoon naps, or if we’re outside our normal schedule, falling asleep while there’s still daylight can be difficult to do even when we’re tired. The full blackout effect of the Manta Pro Sleep Mask helps support the connection between your eyes and brain to help you fall asleep, but there’s other considerations in its design as well.

When our bodies are ready to go to sleep, our temperature can drop just slightly to send cues to our brain that we’re ready for bed. A sleeping mask that doesn’t offer sufficient ventilation can increase our body temperature, making it difficult or uncomfortable to fal asleep.

Built-in ventilation improves the mask's comfort.

The Manta Pro Sleep Mask uses a special cooling material with built-in ventilation (called Tactel fabric) to support airflow in the areas of our face covered by the mask, without letting in additional light. 

Image 11 5
Source: Manta Sleep

The Bottom Line:

If you're looking for a high-quality sleep mask that offers a customizable fit, total blackout design even for daytime naps, and superior comfort, the Manta PRO Sleep Mask is an excellent choice. 

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