Tap into the ancient healing of cacao with this coffee alternative

Staff Review: Vibrant Vitality harnesses the medicinal properties of cacao providing an energy boost for a productive day.

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If ditching your morning cup of coffee is part of your health journey, we feel you. It can be a tough transition. Fortunately, Vibrant Vitality is a great alternative for a morning beverage (or any time of day) to help you build and maintain energy. 


  • Versatile uses
  • Direct Trade (ethical)


  • Price
  • Polarizing taste

This drink is packed with adaptogens and superfoods. Vibrant Vitality can be brewed into a hot or cold beverage to be enjoyed on its own, or added to smoothies or yogurt if you want to add some extra nutrients.

This stuff is made by Ora Cacao, and they take Cacao (the stuff chocolate is made from) very seriously. There are some pretty serious issues in the world of growing and harvesting Cacao (sustainability, quality of life for workers, and more), and this company is doing their part to improve some of the broken cogs in the Cacao-harvesting machine. 

Cacao has far more uses than just making tasty candy.

Healthy vibrant vitality
Source: Ora Cacao

Product Specs:

  • In The Pouch: When you purchase Vibrant Vitality from Ora Cacao, you'll receive a container filled with a blend of superfoods and adaptogens designed to support energy and overall wellness.
  • Size: The resealable pouch comes in an 8-ounce size which is convenient and easy for storage and use.
  • Key Ingredients: Cacao beans, ashwagandha, cacao butter, turmeric, black Pepper.

What We Like About Vibrant Vitality:

  • Energy Support: The blend of superfoods and adaptogens provides a comprehensive source of nutrients to support energy and wellness.
  • Ethical Practices: The company's model for sourcing their Cacao isn't the cheapest, but it is the best to create a sustainable model for the people they work with and for producing a high quality product
  • Versatility: The inclusion of cacao powder adds a delicious chocolate flavor to the blend, making it a tasty addition to smoothies, shakes, or other recipes.

What Might Deter You From Vibrant Vitality:

  • Flavor Undertones: Some users may find the taste of the blend to be too strong or earthy, depending on their preferences.
  • Price: The company's model for sourcing the product is to work with small farms who can elevate the quality of Cacao to produce quality over quantity. This does result in a higher-priced product. 
Alternative of coffee
Source: Ora Cacao

The Thought Behind The Product

Traditionally, cacao was used as medicine, not for making candy. Ora Cacao wants to bring it back to its status as a special, healing ingredient.

The ancient Mayans thought cacao could cure ailments of the gut and even boost energy. As modern research has shown, they were definitely on to something. Cacao is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can improve heart health and reduce inflammation. 

Cacao has been used as an ancient medicine to improve heart health.

The flavonoids in cacao (plant-based chemicals with high antioxidant properties) have been associated with lowering blood pressure, and improving blood flow to the heart and brain. There's even been studies on the roles flavonoids could play in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson's and Alzheimers.

With all of its potential health benefits, the growing conditions, and processing (or lack of processing) of cacao beans is crucial to the quality of the end product. A lot of companies position cacao powder as a superfood, but often, through the manufacturing process, the most vital parts from the cacao bean related to health benefits are lost as it is converted to powder form. 

Quality cacao is a superfood, but most cacao isn't high quality.

High-grade cacao butter is the key component for preserving and transporting flavonoids from cacao beans and delivering them in a way our bodies can absorb the benefits. Vibrant Vitality uses high-quality cacao butter from Tanzania, cacao beans from Columbia, maca from Peru, ashwagandha and turmeric from India, and black pepper from Indonesia as key ingredients. 

To ensure their ingredients are of the highest quality and sustainable and socially sourced, Ora Cacao works with small scale Cacao producers to get the most high quality ingredients which they use to make Virant Vitality.

Ingredients used by ora cacao
Source: Ora Cacao

The Bottom Line:

If you're looking for a natural and nutrient-dense superfood blend to support energy and overall wellness, Vibrant Vitality from Ora Cacao is an excellent choice. Its blend of superfoods and adaptogens, along with its chocolate flavor, make it a convenient and delicious way to support your health and vitality.

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