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Staff Review: Avoid unhealthy meals by leaving meal plans to the pros with Hungryroot!

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Planning, shopping, and cooking food for yourself or your family can be time consuming and stressful. When we're stressed about what's for dinner, we usually go with the most convenient option — takeout, which racks up some serious coin week after week. 

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Cue our hero — Hungryroot! Hungryroot is a personalized grocery delivery service that delivers nutritious food you'll love and easy recipes to take the stress out of figuring out what's to eat. Hungryroot customers save up to 40% each week by ditching takeout and reducing food waste. 


  • Personalized grocery plan
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Cheaper than takeout 


  • Sometimes you get more food than necessary
  • Need to edit plan each week for tailoring

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Source: Hungryroot

Plans start at $69+. You personalize your plan depending on how much food you need and can include anything from breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, to snacks and sweets. If you don't need as much food one week, you can skip a delivery or edit your plan to match your needs.

  • In The Box: Your personalized weekly grocery plan. You take a short quiz noting your dietary restrictions, preferences, and goals, then Hungryroot makes healthy suggestions for your cart and delivers groceries and easy recipes straight to your door. 

What We Like About Hungryroot 

  • Personalized grocery plan: Take Hungryroot's food suggestions or edit your cart to get exactly what you want each week. 
  • Easy-to-follow recipes: On top of groceries, Hungryroot offers ingredient kits with recipe cards so you can make everything from Rainbow Ground Bison Tacos to Chicken Caesar Wraps to Plant-Based Chorizo Hummus Bowls.
  • Cheaper than takeout: Hungryroot customers save up to 40% each week by nixing takeout and minimizing food waste. 

What Might Deter You From Hungryroot

  • Sometimes you get more food than necessary: You may get more food than necessary, but this is an easy-to-fix issue. All you have to do is edit your cart, reducing the number of credits you need, and you'll end up with a cheaper plan. 
  • Need to edit plan each week: Be sure to edit your cart each week or else you'll get a random box of groceries based on your initial quiz answers. 

Thought Behind the Product

Eating healthy doesn't have to be time-consuming or stressful. Hungryroot gets to know your preferences and health goals, then recommends healthy groceries, easy recipes, and essential supplements for you and your family.

This results in less time spent stressing, planning, shopping, and cooking, and more time doing what you love!

Your personalized plan is tailored just for you. 

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Source: Hungryroot

Your delivery can have anywhere from three to eight, two to four serving recipes, plus as many individual grocery items you'd like — whether they're snacks, sweets, breakfasts, fruit, or anything else you want to add on.

Plans save money in the long run and are great for kids! 

Plans are affordable starting at $69 and personalized depending on how much food you need. Plus, it's great for kids! The Hungryroot sourcing and culinary teams are always looking for high-quality options in every aisle to make the whole family happy. That includes the staples (like milk and eggs), tons of easy, packable snacks (like fruit snacks and pretzels), and quick, crowd-pleasing recipes like pesto pasta.

Bottom Line: 

If you're stressing about shopping, preparing, and cooking meals, Hungryroot provides a solution. You tailor your plan to your personal preferences and dietary restrictions.

Personalize further with your goals like Simplify Cooking, Waste Less Food, Lose Weight, or Try New Things. Hungryroot makes suggestions and you edit your cart, then voila — your personalized plan is delivered straight to your door every week full of tasty groceries, easy recipes, and essential supplements to keep you and your family healthy and feeling your best. 

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