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Staff Review: The V02 Master shrinks a laboratory-quality cardiopulmonary response testing gizmo into a wearable.
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How can you match your in-exercise breathing to translate to real-world performance improvements? Well, you gotta track your V02. But most of the sophisticated equipment, hoses, and machines needed to measure this are built into labs that only the world's elite athletes can access. At least until now. 

The V02 Master Analyzer is an advanced mask and app system allowing everyday fitness enthusiasts as well as professionals to perform advanced VO2 measurements and tracking wherever they like to work out.


  • Accuracy
  • Portability
  • Quality


  • Price
  • Setup takes while
  • Initial learning curve

The mask works with an app to provide advanced, real time insights into a person's oxygen consumption and conservation during workouts. This allows you to make adjustments to your efforts to maximize performance.

Users can customize which metrics are displayed within the V02 Master App.

The aptly named V02 Master App can bring together more metrics than just those relevant to your breathing. It supports displaying and synchronizing data from additional sensors you may already have. This lets you view and customize all the data within one dashboard to really fine-tune your training and focus on the metrics that matter most to you specifically.

As your training progresses and your VO2 levels change, different user pieces (included) can be inserted into the mask, which help measure ventilation range at more precise levels.

Woman wearing vo2
Source: VO2 Master

Product Specs:

  • In the Package: The VO2 Master Amazlyer package includes the VO2 Master device, filters and user pieces (for measuring ventilation range), a manual, a USB charging cable, a carrying case for portability, and additional accessories to use with the mask.
  • Size and Weight: The VO2 Master device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use during fitness assessments.
  • App Connected: The VO2 Master Manager App (and the V02 Master Garmin Data Field) can allow you to access metrics on various smart devices you already own.
  • Warranty: This is a very expensive product ($6,295), so if helps to know that there is a 30 day money back guarantee with your purchase and the option to finance through Affirm (as long as you qualify)

What We Like About the VO2 Master:

  • Precision and Accuracy: The VO2 Master Analyzer is designed to provide highly accurate measurements of VO2 max, making it a valuable tool for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts alike.
  • Portability: The compact size and lightweight design of the VO2 Master make it easy to carry and use anywhere, whether in a gym, on a track, or outdoors.
  • Real-Time Feedback: The device provides immediate feedback on an individual's oxygen consumption, allowing for on-the-spot adjustments to training intensity and duration.

What Might Deter You From the VO2 Master:

  • Cost: This is a sophisticated piece of exercise tech and comes with a premium price tag ($6,295) VO2 Master is priced higher than traditional VO2 testing equipment, which may be a deterrent for budget-conscious individuals or organizations.
  • Initial Setup: The five-point headstrap takes some adjusting to achieve a perfect fit for initial use, however, from that point forward it is easy to take on and off. Same thing with the app. Initial setup will take awhile to customize the displays for your needs, but this is a one-time thing.
  • Learning Curve: While the device is user-friendly, some individuals may require training or guidance to use it effectively and interpret the data accurately.
Vo2 master mask size comparison
Source: VO2 Master

The Thought Behind The Product:

Your VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during intense exercise. It's a key indicator of aerobic fitness and is often used to assess an individual's cardiovascular endurance.

If you're tracking your V02 Max with a device like the V02 Master you can monitor changes in your oxygen consumption during workouts allowing you to tailor your training routine for optimal gains. You can identify how your oxygen consumption could be limiting your performance in a workout and begin to take steps to train in the right way to improve your VO2 levels.

Monitoring your V02 levels during workouts can help you optimize performance. 

For example, if your goal is to improve your endurance for a marathon, focusing on workouts that target your aerobic capacity, such as long-distance runs or interval training, can help increase your VO2 max over time.

Factors such as genetics, age, gender, and training status can influence your VO2 max. Even geography plays in (altitude and temperature can greatly improve or impede your V02 max training). While genetics play a significant role in determining your VO2 max potential, regular aerobic exercise is the most effective way to improve it. 

V02 max can be impacted by genetics and geography.

Vo2 measuring mask used during physical activity or exercise
Source: VO2 Master

The Bottom Line:

The VO2 Master Analyzer is a game-changer in the field of fitness assessment, offering a portable, convenient, and accurate solution for measuring oxygen consumption during exercise. Whether you're an athlete looking to optimize your training or a fitness enthusiast seeking to improve your aerobic fitness, the VO2 Master provides valuable insights to help you achieve your goals.

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