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Staff Review: Need metabolism insights to improve your fitness? The Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer can do that as your breathe.
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Wouldn't it be easy if mastering a diet was as simple and natural as breathing? Well, get ready. Lumen made a thing that uses your breath to learn how your body processes different foods. It works amazingly well, but it requires you to invest some time and consistency.


  • Personalized insights and suggestions
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Convenient and portable


  • Monthly subscription needed
  • Learning curve for interpreting data
  • Meal logging is needed in order to get all insights
  • Serious time commitment
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The Lumen device uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine the carbon dioxide concentration in your breath. This indicates whether your body is burning fat or carbs. Knowing this measurement builds a strong foundation to build your daily nutritional plan.

By analyzing carbon dioxide, the Lumen breathalyzer learns what macros your body is burning.

Whether you're already incorporating nutrition insights into your fitness plan or just at the beginning of your fitness journey, here's everything you should know about the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer.

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Product Specs

  • Measures metabolism based on breath analysis
  • Utilizes AI algorithms for personalized recommendations
  • Syncs with smartphone app for data tracking and analysis
  • Compact and portable design for on-the-go use

What We Like About the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer

  • Personalized Insights: By analyzing your breath, the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer provides personalized insights into your metabolism, helping you understand how your body processes nutrients and fuels your activities.
  • Real-Time Data Tracking: With real-time data tracking, you can monitor changes in your metabolism throughout the day and adjust your nutrition and lifestyle accordingly to optimize performance and achieve your goals.
  • Convenient and Portable: The compact and portable design of the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine, whether at home, in the gym, or on the go.
  • Accountability: In order to use the device effectively, you have to use it consistently. This provides a great sense of accountability to your regiment.

What Might Deter You From the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer

  • Subscription Required: While the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer offers valuable insights, this isn't a one-time only fee. A subscription is needed to continue to gain insights from the device and app.
  • Learning Curve for Interpreting Data: Understanding and interpreting the data provided by the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer may require some time and effort, especially for those unfamiliar with metabolic science and nutrition.
  • Serious time commitment and no immediate gratification: In order to gain insights from you, Lumen needs plenty of data which takes time to accumulate. Additionally, it needs the user to log their meals to give further insights. Not only does this take time daily, but it takes at least a month to see an improvement.

The Thought Behind the Product

Get ready for a quick lesson on metabolic flexibility!

This concept refers to your body's ability to respond or adapt to conditional changes in metabolic demand. If you are able to have a high-functioning mitochondrial density, you are able to burn more fat into energy, and add more muscle. Lumen helps users maximize their metabolic flexibility to increase their fitness levels.

Increasing your awareness of metabolic flexibility can help you make choices to better support your health and fitness.

Before Lumen, the only way to test metabolic flexibility was to go to a hospital or a clinic. Both options are highly time consuming and costly! The hospital or clinic would use a test called the respiratory exchange ratio (RER).This test shows the ratio between the volume of CO2 being produced by the body and the amount of O2 being consumed. This value of this ratio gives an indication as to whether the body is operating aerobically or anaerobically.

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The RER value ranges from 0.7 to 1.0, representing different metabolic states and substrate utilization:

  • RER of 0.7: This indicates that fat is the primary substrate being metabolized for energy. In this state, the body is primarily relying on aerobic metabolism of fatty acids, which produces more carbon dioxide relative to oxygen consumed.
  • RER of 1.0: This indicates that carbohydrates are the primary substrate being metabolized for energy. In this state, the body is primarily relying on glycolysis, the breakdown of glucose, which produces equal amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen consumed.
  • RER between 0.7 and 1.0: This indicates a mixed substrate utilization, where both fats and carbohydrates are being metabolized for energy. The exact ratio depends on factors such as the individual's diet, exercise intensity, and metabolic state.

The RER can be used in various contexts:

  • Metabolic Rate Assessment: Monitoring changes in RER over time can provide insights into metabolic rate and energy expenditure, helping to assess the impact of interventions such as diet and exercise on substrate utilization.
  • Exercise Physiology: During exercise, changes in RER can indicate shifts in energy metabolism as the intensity and duration of activity change. For example, an increase in RER during high-intensity exercise may suggest a greater reliance on carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Nutritional Research: RER can be used to evaluate the metabolic effects of different diets and nutritional interventions. For example, a high-carbohydrate diet may result in a higher RER compared to a high-fat diet.
  • Clinical Applications: Abnormalities in RER may be observed in various metabolic disorders and diseases, providing valuable diagnostic information for conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and respiratory diseases.

With Lumen, users are able to take RER technology on the go and make impactful decisions on their health daily at a fraction of the cost.

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Source: Lumen

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in learning how to maximize your diet to achieve your fitness goals, and make the time commitment to utilize its features properly, the Lumen Metabolism Breathalyzer is a great tool for you!

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