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The reasoning behind supplements is multifaceted.

Complements a Healthy Diet

Whole, organic foods provide a wide range of nutrients and other beneficial compounds that supplements cannot replicate, but food quality is not what it was in the past (even for "whole organic" food).  Supplements are required to narrow the 'nutrient gap' and help the body receive essential vitamins and minerals missing from the food supply. We view supplements as a complement to a healthy diet, rather than a substitute.  


Supplements help to support the healing and restoration of normal cell and organ function and can provide the body with antioxidants to counterbalance toxicity exposure. The bulk of our waterways and soil have been exposed to harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals in some capacity (see 'hydration' above).  While 'organic' food will have far less, and in some cases no exposure to pesticides, it is still not 100% free of the toxins that permeate our global water supplies. Supplements can help support the body with antioxidants to counterbalance toxicity exposure.

Stimulate & Self-Treat

Supplements may be used to stimulate or inhibit metabolic processes and body chemistry to provide relief and avoid drugs when possible.

Supplement Considerations

One's unique circumstance and condition will dictate the proper supplement protocol. There are numerous methodologies that exist for people to experiment with. Here are some important considerations:

Lifestyle Stressors 

Stress, environmental pollutants, and other lifestyle factors can increase the body's demand for certain nutrients. Example: if a person frequently travels by airplane, you may need to consider iodine supplements due to exposure to x-ray machine radiation. Supplements can help support the body's response to stress and enhance overall well-being by providing additional nutrients that may be depleted during challenging periods.

Aging Process 

As people age, nutrient absorption and metabolism may decline. Supplements can play a role in supporting optimal health as individuals age, addressing age-related changes and promoting longevity.

Exercise and Performance 

Athletes or individuals engaged in regular physical activity may have increased nutrient needs to support energy production, recovery, and overall performance. Supplements can be beneficial for meeting these heightened demands and optimizing athletic performance.

You should develop a supplement protocol that aligns with restoring optimal balance and function in your body. Strongly consider getting professional guidance from a nutritionist or health coach.  

The following bodily or metabolic functions are widely addressed by the supplement industry:

  • HPA, hormone balance
  • Immune function 
  • Gut integrity and health
  • Digestion and assimilation
  • Liver and detoxification 
  • Antioxidation support
  • Pathogen eradication
  • Energy production

Always check supplement ingredients for interactions with any meds or food sensitivities that you have.


Foundational Health - Basic Guidelines Series:

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