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My best friends still enjoy alcohol frequently. Back in early 2023, I made the decision to lay off the sauce. Only on very special occasions (2-3 times a year) I consider a single glass of my favorite bourbon with one rock. Otherwise, I've been very disciplined. 

I personally noticed, and this is common for others, that I could almost never get any deep NREM sleep later in the night after consuming just one glass of alcohol, essentially limiting cognitive function the next day. To me, if the price of a glass or two of bourbon meant a sluggish following day, that alone was enough to give up the booze. 

Alcohol Alternatives

When I go out on the town, my go-to drink is now club soda with lime. At BodyStack, we're coming across emerging brands offering alcohol free spirits, which we're tracking. You'll also encounter Kava-laced mocktails in the discover section of BodyStack. We appreciate the innovation from the industry and hope to see these types of options more readily available at local bars and restaurants. Currently, most of our top picks are only available online.

If You Have to Drink, What Should It Be?

This is an interesting debate, but we're seeing more experts throw their hat in Mezcal's corner. When served straight, Mezcal has the lowest sugar and calorie count compared to other spirits. The trace amounts of pure agave can potentially contribute to some health benefits. 

Foundational Health - Basic Guidelines Series:


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